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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 1, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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congratulations. it is day one. thanks for waking up with us. >> we're trying to get a little festive this morning. >> yes, we are. >> it's falling off my head. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. >> you're watching "fox & friends" on this new years day morning. thanks for starting 2014 with us. millions of people all around the world turning out to usher in 2014. right now it is midnight in hawaii. take a look a live look the new year's celebration there but five hours ago ainsley was there. the energy electric in time's square. >> 4, 3, 2, 1. >> more than 1 million people braved the cold weather to watch the ball drop and the cross words of the world. >> everything out here is a new experience. i think everybody in the world should experience this at least
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once in their life. >> this is the place to be every new year eaves. it beats any other new year's eve party in the world. >> town dout tens of thousands ringing in the new year in atlanta at the 20th annual peach drop. the 800 pound beach. also accompanied a giant yellow m&m. afterwards fireworks lit up the night sky as people continue to celebrate with family and friends. in rio de janeiro millions watching fireworks explode minutes after midnight at co co cabana beach. due by pulled off a world record for the biggest fireworks display near the tallest building. the show featured 400,000 pyrotechnics over 400 parts of the shoreline. >> well, i spent new year eaves in time's square for our all american new year special. it was fun it was a little cold but it was worth it. here are the highlights.
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>> we are live in time's square. >> happy, happy, happy. just like you are having a blast. >> happy new year. >> this is how our bodies feel. it is so cold but it is so much fun. >> let's go ladies. >> can't believe how cold it is. but we are here. >> are you feeling a lot better because i am your personally delivered body armor. >> megyn kelly. happy new year. how are you? >> we are not going out we are not seeing anybody. wait a minute. what's that? all right. maybe we went out for a little bit. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (cheers)
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>> we want to share it. >> ah. >> let me get a kiss. >> this is 2014. everybody is going bonkers. >> being here in time's square. unprecedented fun is what i will say. breath taking. >> happy new year. >> happy new year my friend. >> here's to a new year, a great year. a year when it never feels like work. >> everything is pretty much amazing. >> and don't miss our full interview with duck dynasty star willie robertson at 5:50 this morning. he's talking family, the new year and reacting to the a&e controversy. you don't want to miss that interview. >> today is the day that obamacare coverage takes full effect for those who have enrolled. but the real test will be when doctors offices open after the
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holiday. elizabeth prann is live in washington with the latest. we have hit the long-awaited date. it is here, elizabeth. >> good morning. today is a big day. the white house says 2 million people have signed up for health coverage which officially begins today. remember when the goal of 7 million was tossed around months ago? well an administration official now denies that saying that figure was released from the congressional budget office and not the white house and it became an accepted number. although it is a figure we heard from health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. fox news spoke with her yesterday. she doesn't anticipate any delays and fewer road bumps. >> i am sure there will be some issues there always are. people change plans every year. these are private plans in a private market. there are millions of people who
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change every day we have done a lot with consumers and health to make sure the transaction goes as smooth as possible. >> 21 million people signed up. this while some of the first people to enroll under the law don't have insurance cards forcing drug stores to have enrollment form instead. >> elizabeth prann live for us in washington. thank you, lids bette. >> hours before the law waudz set to take effect sonia sotomayor forced religious organizations to provide birth control for employees. catholic affiliated groups asked justices to block the law until their arguments were heard. she is giving the government until friday to respond to her decision. >> barbara bush waking up at a houston hospital. she has been receiving treatment
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for pneumonia since monday. a statement from george h.w. bush says mrs. bush is in great spirits an getting fantastic care. she is 88 years old. >> residents rocked by massive explosions are back at home after crua train carrying crudel crashed and burst into fire. the thick black smoke blew toward town. >> russian officials identifying one of those responsible for the back-to-back terror attacks in volograd. russian president vladmir putin since made a trip to the city realing in the blast that left 34 people dead. he plans to annihilate alter wrists. >> three prisoners from
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guantanamo were the last of an ethnic minority to be released. it resolved a diplomatic dilemma that kept them in prison long after the judge ordered their release. the release was delayed because of difficulties of finding a safe place to send them until slovakia finally agreed to take them. president obama pledged to close the detention facility. >> colorado becomes the first place in the world where it will be legal to sell marijuana to any one over the age of 21. kdvr has the dos and don'ts of colorado pottery tail. >> until now the right to buy retail marijuana in the state of colorado has captured all of the headlines. >> we don't know if people will be capped out if there will be a line out the door. >> law enforcement and denver city leaders were not allow it to become lawless. >> district 6 councilman charlie
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brown realizes many have waited a long time for this moment. >> to be able to choose the marijuana they want to buy and hopefully experts behind the counter make the purchase in cash and then walk out and not get arrested. if they obey our rules and regulations which includes no public consumption of the product. >> you have to be 21 to buy it. it is illegal to celery tail marijuana to minors and it is illegal to take it out of state. if you are caught you are looking at fines that range from 250 to 999 bucks. the city county of denver has a web site to help clear the air over any confusion. >> if this is cannabis chaos that's going to send a bad message to a lot of other communities to other states that are considering legalization of recreational marijuana. >> washington state has also approved retail sales but has yet to open any outlets. >> an update on formula 1 world
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champion michael shumacher. doctors are saying he is showing surprising signs of improvement. he went after surgery after suffering a critical brain injury. he remains in a medically induced coma. although doctors are hopeful they are unsure louing he will have to be in a coma. this comes after a journalist dressed up as a priest and tried to gain access to his hospital room. the imposter was escorted off the premise. >> pope frantis surging people to ask themselves did they spend 2013 furthering their own interests or helping others? is he asked people to reflect on whether they used the year to make all people feel welcome. the pontiff says followers of christ should collect the days weeks and months they have lived and offer everything to the lord. >> the new year is off to a cold
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start for many of us across the country. >> janice dean is in for maria molina for a first degree weather forecast. good morning. happy new year, janice. >> happy new year. it is cold and about to be colder. we are looking at sub zero temperatures. minus 7 in minneapolis, 14 chicago, 10 rapid city, 24 in new york. it will continue to remain cold across these regions and you will see some of the coldest temperatures you have seen in years by friday. windchills, what it feels like if you are unprotected outside. minus 20's, minus 30's across the northern plains and the midwest. it has been relentlessly cold. we have a couple interesting features. we have a storm system moving across the northern plains and gulf of mexico moisture and these two combined is going to give us a nor' easter in the next 24 to 48-hours in the northeast. we are starting to see snow fly
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across the rockies and plains and midwest. very light in nature here. but again as these two systems combine, thursday into friday we are going to see some impressive snow totals maybe even white out conditions blizzard conditions across the northeast. this could be dangerous for travelers trying to get hold from the holiday destination. this is something we have to monitor. 8-12 inches easily for interior new england across the northeast, new york we are keeping an eyen oh you. we could see anywhere from 6-12 inches here. we will be watching this on the fox news weather center. what a way too start 2014. >> that's exactly what i was going to say. cold. >> thanks very much. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up next on "the rundown" more trouble for target on the breech. 10,000 cards may not be activated. did you party a little bit
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too much last night? how one tricked out bus can help you crush that hangover. first a look at some of our new year's resolutions. e-mail [ police radio, indistinct ] the comeback trail. there is no map. no mile marker. no welcome sign. one day you may find yourself here. to carry you he. at liberty mutual, we believe with every setback there's a chance to come back and rise. liberty mutual insurance.
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auto, home, life.
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>> from florida to new york and all across the country thank you for waking up with us. more trouble for target stores. 40,000 gift cards sold over the
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holiday were not properly activated leaving them with no value. the retailer issued an apology saying it will honor all of the cards. t the mistake comes after 40 million debit and credit cards had a data breech. >> i take into consideration how i pay here. i had a target gift card. that's the only way to pay cash right now. >> target stresses this only happened to a small percentage of gift cards that were sold. >> a federal judge under going mandatory drug testing. a judge ruling it was unconstitutional and should no not be enforced. rick scott backed it saying it protects taxpayers and families. he says his administration to appeal the decision to the u.s. court of appeals. it may give pause to states that
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have passed similar laws. >> happy birthday earth. some people didn't understand the concept of the new year. there were several twitter posts wishing america and the world a happy 2014th birthday. we don't know the exact age of the earth ion tiss project it to be 4 billion years old. >> the time now is 17 after the top of the hour. law enforcement looking for hunters after the symbol of our nation after two bald eagles are shot dead. the hangover cures that work next. but first a look at some of your new year's resolutions. keep those coming into us. e-mail us at
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>> welcome back. it is 2014. they are searching for a missing cruise ship passenger. a man was reported missing by a relative yesterday morning when the vessel was docked at grand
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cayman. the person's identity or nationality has not been released. they are on a 6 night caribbean cruise that departed on sunday. they are investigating the killing of two bald eagles over the past week. the first was shot with a rifle on christmas day, a second bald eagle was found wounded by a bird shot. the eagle later died. the two deaths are unrelated. the bald eagle the symbol of freedom and our country was removed from the endangered list in 2007 but shooting one requires a permit from the department of the interior. >> a woman finds a python living in her sofa. she picked it up off the streets two months ago the sofa cleaned it didn't find anything unusual. this past weekend the slithery fella stuck his head out of the sofa. they think he was coming out looking for food.
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>> vitamin e could slow down the progression of mild to moderate alzheimer's. this after the treatments altered at that stage. it delayed the decline of living skills such as making a meal or getting dressed over a six-month period. vitamin e didn't help thinking abilities or those who helped patients not taking alzheimer's medication. starts a new year but you may be waking up with an old problem, a hangover. we have common cures to help you get out of bed. sprite, chinese researchers say should going a sprite the morning after could help the body better metable lies alcohol and speed up the ability. second a cup of joe and a pain-killer. a study from 2011 revealed the combination helps block the effects of a hangover. this remedy, would best if you do it about four-hours after
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drinking. third drink lots and lots of water this morning. you need to rehydrate your body. a couple of things you should not do, don't drink herbal tea. it could prolong your hangover. don't chow down or spicy greasy or fatly foods they may make you feel worse. hair of the dog, it will prolong your intoxication. >> yeah, but it is so fun. >> or wake up and watch us that's a good cure for a hangover. duck dynasty star willie robertson breaking his silence exclusively to fox news. where he says his family's relationship with a&e now stands. >> rotting from the inside out. brad pitt's charity known for homes falling apart. why the charity says it is not their fault. >> on this day in 1996 rock bee 4 starring sylvester stallone is the number one movie at the box office. and now my journey
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across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> it is wednesday january 1st, 2014. out with the old and in with the new. >> 4, 3, 2, 1. >> festivities and fireworks as the new year is celebrated all around the world. >> then a new year and new season for duck dynasty. what the star is saying about the a & e's controversy his family and faith. the exclusive interview this hour. >> party a little too much last night? how to help the hangover. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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>> good morning. happy new year. it's wednesday january 1st. 2014. welcome to kogs fox and friends first. i am heather childers. we are very happy to join you. >> we are. i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for joining us it's 5:30 on the east coast. we haven't gotten much sleep. i am sure you p didn't either. millions turning out to usher in 2014. >> 3, 2, 1. >> a million people filled into times square to watch the ball drop at the crossroads of the world. two hours ago in las vegas fireworks lit up the sky over the mgm casino. the party is not over over there as you can image. check out the fire display over the boston harbor.
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beautiful. >> i love this. it is awesome. >> across the bond look at the fireworks firing off over the london eye. they enjoy labor confetti choreographed fireworks. we celebrated in time's square last night. here are some of the highlights. >> we are live in time's square. >> happy, happy, happy. look like you are having a last. >> -- blast. >> happy new year. this is how our bodies feel. it is so cold but it is so much fun. >> can't believe how cold it is. >> i am your personally delivered body warmer. >> we are not doing anything. we are not going out.
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what? is wait a minute. what's that? maybe we went out for a little bit. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> i choose you over all of them. >> we have to share it. >> this is 2014. everyone is going bonkers. >> being here in time's square. unprecedented fun is what i will say. breath taking. >> happy new year. >> happy new year everybody. >> here is to a new year a great year a year when it often never feels like work. >> everything is pretty much
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amazing. >> that was a lot of fun. today is january 1st the day that obamacare coverage takes full effect for those who have enrolled. the real test will be after doctor's offices open on friday. >> it is here new year's day marks the start of the health coverage under the affordable care act. the administration counting 2 million customers enrolled. but in order to recycle 7 million tossed around more than 5 million still need to log on and sign up. this being said this week one white house official denies setting the about aer that high saying it was released in the budget office and became an expected number not somebodying the president set in stone. it is something kathleen sebelius referred to. yesterday she is focusing on the future and doesn't anticipate any other delays or fewer road
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bumps. >> i am tlimed we are going to people for the first time with healthcare. it should be a great new year for families across america. i am sure there will be issues. there are private plans over private markets. >> some of the first people to enroll in the law don't have insurance cards forcing major drug stores to have a copy of an enrollment form instead. the next date sent is january 15th to sign up for coverage next month. >> ainsley, back to you. >> thank you elizabeth. >> colorado becomes the first place in the world where it will be legal to cell marijuana to 21. they are not going to let it
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become lawless. many have been waiting for this day a long time. >> being able to choose the marijuana they want to buy. hopefully they make the purchase in cash and walk out and not get arrested. if they obey the rules and regulations which includes public consumption of the product. you must be 21 to purchase. it will be illegal to sell to minors. >> former first lady barbara bush waking up in a hospital. she has been treated for pneumonia. mrs. bush is in great spirits. she is 88 years old. >> the crude oil -- train derai and caught on fire. they lifted the evacuation put
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into place after it was blowing thick black smoke. it is the third explosion in the last six months involving crude oil from north dakota. >> russian off fishing shaoffic was a russian man converted to islam and joined a militant group. vladmir putin has made it to the city realing in the wake of the blast that left 34 people dead. he also promised to an nile wait alter wrists. john kerry will meeted to discuss outlines of a peace agreement. he will present a proposed framework to palestinian president mahmoud abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they will present the borders to palestine and israel and security arrangements. the two sides resumed peace talks in july of 2013 under pressure from kerry.
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>> single dig get temperatures did not keep a group of adventure seekers up in maine from a run and a dip in the ocean. >> so fun. >> they were running until they were waste deep and ran back for the warmth of blankets and toils. they showed up for the annual portland plunge in maine. it's a way to celebrate the new year. >> it is exhilarating. it's a great thing to do on new year's eve. you bond with everybody who does it with you. >> it's a great way to principliring in in the year. >> the wet suit lady is the smart one. >> they are earmarked for the natural resources council. >> definitely cold for those folks.
2:38 am
it will be a cold start to the new year for many people all across the country. >> time for the first degree weather forecast. >> some of the coldest air we have health in years. some cases we might break all time records for our friends in canada. look at the windchills. minus 35 is what it feels like in sudbury, ontario. that is going to set the stage for our nor' easter in the next 24-48-hours. two pieces of energy one coming from the rockies another out of the gulf of mexico. combining those two we are going to see heavy snow and some very gusty winds. a wide swath of 3-8 inches. areas could get higher totals. that's how we start 2014 very busy in the fox news extreme weather center.
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we will keep track of it for you. back to you. >> we will depend on you to do that janice. >> the time is 38 after the top of the hour. coming up waste watch 2013 from liquor to chris cal the it'sful spending of the year. >> a quick fix nfor the hangove. the roving revival that can cure your symptoms in a matter of minutes.
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♪ >> it is a brand new year. welcome to 2014. we hope that you are going to have a fantastic one. i bet that you will. booze, pole dancing and a
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luxurious trip to the caribbean on the tax payer's dime. that's tops the heritage foundation list of nonessential government spending. house minority leader nancy pelosi and the cub board is bear and there's no more cuts to make. but a couple weeks before the shut down $5.4 million was given to the state department for booze and chris cal blas glass wear. $10,000 was given to an austin energy company for their employees to perform pole dances accompanied a live orchestra. they took a tax payer funded trip to the caribbean. the bill slipped between number of agencies making the total amount for the trip impossible to coalculate. >> all i wanted for christmas a pair of fake you goes a budget friendly take on the ugg take. bear bashirling boots starting at $34 much less than australian
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counterpart that costs more than 100 bucks a pair. amazon most popular items are prove americans went for function and cost over designer. >> are you feeling a little bit rough this morning after all of y your new year's celebrations? >> how about a quick hangover cure on wheels? is ktbc reporter checks out a travelling bus that promises to alleviate all that ails you. >> what happens when the party doesn't really feel like a party any more? >> i feel lousy. >> we have something for that. >> for many the dreaded hangover will kick in caused by dehydration and often involves nausea and a strong headache. the medical staff offers a cure for that. starting at $99 they add minister you iv treatments which
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can include medication. >> when you can replenish it it goes directly straight into your system it's like putting gas into your gas tank. >> their motto is party like a rock stare tonight feel like a celebrity tomorrow. >> it has been a secret of the medical world for many years. now we are taking it to the public. >> michelle is one of the founders of rolling revival. she tells us they often get calls from bachelorette parties athletes and private p cans to help them get rehydrated in about 30 minutes. >> a lot of people have questions how is this legal? it is legal people on the bus treating clients are medical professionals. they are all individually licensed. this is just like a clinic. >> dr. lang wasays over drinkin is a choice of each individual. for those who might see it as a negative she tells us it's just a way to help them from suffering. >> we are not enabling them it's not like we are saying come in every time you have been
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drinking. we are here if you happen to be nauseated or dehydrated from the current activities that you normally do and we are here for you. >> wonder if one of those are parked in time's square. >> i have seen the billboards for them in vegas before. it is quarter until the top of the hour. calling all duck dynasty fans the interview you have to see. what willie is saying about the a & e's controversy his family and the new year. >> unforgettable end to 2013 for a nine--year-old who helped deliver her little sister. how all of that went on in her own words. jessie waters shows us what we are seeing on "fox & friends." >> coming up on "fox & friends", now that 2014 is officially here we have a look at what to expect including what to be aware of when it comes to obamacare. how the healthcare law will effect the economy this year.
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our as trol der is here. what the stars have in store for your personal and professional lives in 2014. plus if you party too hard which i think you did we have the hangover tips you need to start the new year fresh. that's come wiing up on a speci four-hour edition of "fox & friends".
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>> you have been in the news for weeks now. it is our opportunity to ask you questions about you and your familiar lip and the show. what did you think about a&e's decision regarding your father a couple weeks ago? >> we are just glad to be back to work. we are looking forward to getting back to making some
2:52 am
funny shows and the new year. we are ready to break in a new year and start it all over again. >> congratulations on that. so now you have made a decision to go back with a & e's for another season. how did you looking forward to 2014 how did you arrive at that decision to stay with that network? >> well, we are just ready to get started. we have a new season coming up in a couple weeks. really excited about that. we have a couple episodes and we are ready to move on. i think we all learned a lot and ready to move on. family is happy and we are ready to go. i have got to make sure my guys are back there building duck calls. >> willie's wife corie went on to say the family had a lot to be thankful for in 2013. if next year is half as successful they will be blessed. for the full interview you can
2:53 am
log on to actor brad pitt's hurricane katrina charity coming under fire after 2 dozen homes his organization built rotting due to the climate. the charity "make it right" is blaming the wood company timber sill who guaranteed the glass and wood blend would last 40 years. it will cost $150 to replace all of the wood. >> it is a new year and that means we can look forward to all of the new movies coming out. how did last year's films fair at the box office. the list of the highest grossing movies. iron man 3 comes in at the top. >> i have never seen this before. >> do you belief in ghosts?
2:54 am
>> the super hero flick starring robert downey jr. banking over $1.2 billion worldwide. it is the biggest earning super hero making $308 million for r marvel and the avengers. grew and the yellow mignons was the highe second highest grossig film bringing in 918 million bucks worldwide. the third highest was fast and furious six starring vin diesel and the late paul walker. the 7th movie in the franchise began filming in december. "the hunger games: catching fire" is $171 million and "monster" university" making 403
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million. coming up maybe the sky is still missing a christmas gift. the wild case you won't want to miss. first a look at your new year's resolutions.
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welcome back. time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. nine-year-old alyssa mesa taking a big role helping deliver her little sister when her mom went into labor early. >> she started feeling like the baby was coming out so she stood in the bathroom.
2:59 am
i told her to push the baby out and i grabbed the baby, grabbed the towel and wrapped it up. >> what a smart young girl. mom and baby doing fine. next the bad. the man being called the 0-2 bandit on the run after robbing three banks in denver. police say that he totes around an oxygen tank and wears a medical mask. they're not sure if he really needs it or if it is part of his disguise. the ugly. looks like someone didn't get his christmas gifts on time. a wild turkey in minnesota stalking a u.p.s. man forcing him to run around to avoid getting his wrath. >> each year jib jab puts together their year in review. as we end our first show of 2014 let's look at the 2013 that was from the folks at jib jab. ♪ ♪
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>> "fox & friends" starts right now. hey, hey and welcome to 2014. it is wednesday, january 1. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck this morning. america ringing in a brand-new year. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! >> we'll show you the celebrations from around the country. >> and today obamacare officially making its debut. and despite more canceled plans than enrollments, the woman in charge has only one thing to say. >> i'm thrilled that we're going to have millions of people for the first time.


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